Why Sell Kascash™ ?

   Kascash Marketing Corporation (KMC) is one of the leaders in the sale and distribution of lottery products of Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO). Our objective is to serve growing base of patrons for PCSO's instant lottery games, making them available and within reach of people.

List of Advantages:
  • Additional income/revenue aside from lotto sales commission.
  • No withholding tax to pay.
  • 10% agents commission for prizes 10,000 & up.
  • Can sell cards even without lotto machine.

Procedure for Agent/Distributor Applicant(s):
  • Applicant must accomplish and submit:
    1. Kascash™ Customer Profile (Download pdf here)
    2. Kascash™ Memorandum of Agreement (Download pdf here)
    3. Submit 2 x 2 picture
    4. Two (2) government ID's
    5. Recent billing Statement

For more details call our hotline at
    • 02-856 2174
    • 0917-570 7654
    • 0917-543 6199